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Arrow-wood Timber Frames

What we do

There’s nothing as warm and magical as a beautiful building with visible natural timber. Arrow-wood Timber Frame’s focus is on residential homes and commercial structures that are based primarily around a Timber Frame structure, and enclosed with very energy-efficient wall and roof systems. Timber Frame buildings can be designed in any architectural style: from rustic, to traditional, to contemporary, to ultra-modern and Mid-Century Modern (MCM). We can design, fabricate, install and complete the entire structure, or be involved in any part of that you might need.

Our Mission

Arrow-wood Timber Frame Homes was formed to provide home-owners, builders and developers with a one-stop resource for timber homes and other structures. Our goal is to design and produce the finest, most beautiful and comfortable buildings using natural timber construction. Arrow-wood will use energy-efficient, sustainably produced and environmentally sound materials and methods in the design and construction of our homes wherever possible and as our client requests.

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