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Design, Fabrication and Installation

Our architectural design, off-site prefabrication and on-site installation support services ensure that the timber structure is properly integrated into your home, and takes your personal needs and the site’s unique characteristics into account.

A drawing of a house with plans and drawings.

Design and Engineering

Timber frame structures and SIPS panel wall & roof systems are the core of what we do. Depending on your project, Arrow-wood can handle everything from site selection and full architectural design & engineering, to providing only the timber frame components and timber engineering services for an existing architectural or general contractor team you are working with.

Materials Sourcing and Timber Fabrication

We work with established partners and suppliers in locations across the US and Canada to source the timber materials required. Then these materials are precisely pre-fabricated according to the design: reducing waste, increasing accuracy and accelerating the process.
A stack of wood planks.
A house under construction in a wooded area.

Site Delivery and Installation

When the timbers and other pre-fabricated components arrive on site to be installed, they can be rapidly assembled with no waste and no on-site modification. Because these components are so accurately made, our crews can put the building together in a fraction of the time it would take to site-build a conventional structure.

Contractor Selection and Supervision

For the other aspects of construction such as foundation, roofing, electrical and plumbing, Arrow-wood can help with the evaluation and selection of a local general contractor and other sub-contractors as needed, and if desired we can offer site supervision and progress review services to ensure things are being built as designed.
A house with a porch.
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Environmental and Sustainability Goals and Certifications

All of our designs are done with energy efficiency and sustainable practices in mind, but if there are specific standards or certifications required for the project, Arrow-wood will ensure these are designed in and adhered to.